MR16 Coloured Filter & Accessories

Specifically designed to meet the demands of the lighting industry our dichroic colour filters are produced by the vacuum deposition of layers of thin metal films onto a substrate of borofloat glass or polycarbonate.

This production process creates spectacularly clear and pure colours that will not fade and are ideal for permanent installations.

About LightFilterPlus - Supplier of MR16 colour filter

LightFilterPlus is a trading style of GoboPlus Ltd, leading suppliers of Gobos and Lighting Filter.

GoboPlus was established in 2013 to offer high quality lighting accessories from the world's leading manufacturers to customers with a fast turnaround service. We supply LEE, Rosco, DHA, GAM and our own range of designs exclusively online at the best prices. Already the leading supplier in gobos online, GoboPlus is constantly increasing their range of patterns and designs through exclusive partners and their own unique designs.

Founded by lighting experts, LightFilterPlus and GoboPlus strives to offer an unbeatable level of support to ensure the quality of your end result matches expectations. If you need support of guidance through the gobo design or purchase cycle, please get in touch with our resident experts.